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Ambitious User Interfaces

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Enterprise UI integration for: JavaFX · Swing · HTML5 · GWT · AngularJS · Java EE · Spring · Java · JavaScript · TypeScript · Groovy

What it is

OpenDolphin applications run on the server. They are displayed with the client technology of your choice, be it desktop, web, or mobile.

The open-source library shines with the highest degree of model-view-controller separation. Views and controllers compile independently and communicate solely through OpenDolphin's shared presentation models.

This strict separation allows running the application logic on an enterprise server while the views display the application state on any client. OpenDolphin's unique architecture makes the remote, shared application feel like a local, native app.

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Your benefits

With OpenDolphin you can

  • Display your application on desktop, web, and mobile
  • Protect your investment in application logic regardless of the frequent changes of UI technologies
  • Outperform the competition with a compelling user experience
  • Save money by keeping your most valuable asset on the server
  • Migrate between UI technologies with minimal effort

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How to use

Write your Java or JavaScript client in your preferred technology and let it depend on OpenDolphin's client module and your Java Enterprise application on the server module.

Bind your views against presentation models and let your controller actions modify those models as shown in the JumpStart project.

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