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Upcoming Events

Date Location Event
Mar 2015 Bruehl JavaLand
Apr 15th 2015 Basel Training at Canoo

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Date Location Event
Mar 2015 Fulda Prodyna Architecture Exchange
Jan 15th 2015 Basel Training at Canoo
Nov 2014 Muenchen OpenDolphin at WJAX
Oct 2014 San Francisco OpenDolphin at JavaOne 2h workshop video
OpenDolphin for IoT: Stopp, or my Duke will shoot
JavaFX in the cloud
Apr 10th 2014 Basel Training at Canoo
Apr 29th/30th 2014 Basel Architecture Workshop
May 15th 2014 Mainz OpenDolphin at Jax
Jun 4th 2014 Hamburg OpenDolphin at Java User Group Hamburg
Sep 10th 2014 Basel Training at Canoo
Nov 7th 2013Munich W-JAX OpenDolphin - Moderne Oberflächen für Enterprise-Applikationen
Sep 22-26 2013San Francisco JavaOne session
Jul 5th 2013 Stuttgart Java Forum Stuttgart
slides | interview | pictures | blog post
Jun 4th 2013 Dortmund Java User Group Dortmund
May 23 2013Copenhagen Gr8conf picture | full talk as video
Apr 30 2013Basel Java User Group Switzerland
Apr 24 2013Mainz JAX
Apr 03 2013Vienna CONFESS 2013
Nov 2012Munich WJAX
Oct 9 2012Basel Workshop at Canoo
Sep 2012San Francisco JavaOne