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Available from MavenCentral

Find OpenDolphin in the Maven central repository (since version 0.7) for POMs, JARs, sources, etc.

You can use the artifacts on maven central with Ivy (for Ant builds), Maven, Grape, or Gradle. Many other frameworks like Griffon and Grails understand this kind of dependency as well.

Let your Java client side depend on the dolphin-client module or the dolphin-client-javafx module if your client is built with JavaFX

and the server side on the dolphin-server module.
That is all it takes.

Web Resources

For the JavaScript client you can either refer directly to

or download it and serve it from your server. See also the web chapter in the user guide.

For the TypeScript client please download

unzip it and use the API of the unzipped *.ts files.

If you need help in setting up the build of your OpenDolphin application, have a look at the jumpstart project, which gives you the choice of building with either Maven or Gradle and comes with a conveniently pre-configured multi-module build. Please also read the respective section in the guide that leads you step-by-step through the setup phase and the first dolphinizing of your UI.

Another option for a quick setup with templates for a best-practice directory structure is to use the opendolphin lazybones template by Sven Ehrke.

Sources and additional infos are in the developer zone.